The Law of Attraction: How to Manifest

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In the last couple of years, the Law of Attraction has become something extremely popular. Many people seem to believe that this is the best way to change their lives for good, and finally, live the life they’ve always dreamed of. However, a great number of individuals have trouble grasping the meaning of the terms manifestation and a positive mindset.


In today’s post, I will try to explain in the best way possible the real meaning of the well-known Law of Attraction. Additionally, I will give you a few essential tips that will help you better understand how to manifest, how to use the law of attraction, and how to attract anything you want in your life.

Law of Attraction: Meaning

If you search for ‘law of attraction meaning’ on Google, you’ll come across hundreds of different pages elaborating on the meaning of this belief. The majority of authors write about it in a very positive way, while others are kind of skeptical, insisting that there’s no such thing as ‘attracting anything you want in your life.’

Theoretically speaking, using the Law of Attraction helps you attract anything you want into your life. If you fill your mind with positive thoughts and emotions, you’ll most certainly live a life filled with laugher, positivity, and good vibes only. On the other hand, if you’re a negative person who always thinks about the worst outcome… well, things are not going to be very pleasant for you. I bet you’ve noticed that many times when you think of potential negative events they actually take place. 

Nonetheless, if you shift your mindset and believe that something incredibly good will happen to you, you’ll surely make your life better. It’s not surprising that the saying ‘You are what you think.’ is so popular. Of course, changing the way you think certainly takes time, but once you master it, you’ll fall in love with life. 

the law of attraction how to manifest

Law of Attraction: How to Use It?

I know that it may sound easy, but manifesting doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll have to dedicate a few minutes of your day to thinking about, imagining, and actually believing in your dreams. I’m sure you’ve heard of manifestation, but you may be wondering, “How the hell do I manifest?”; “Is manifestation even real?”; “Is it really possible to achieve anything by manifesting?”

I’ll do my best to explain the whole manifestation process, and will focus on the key steps you need to follow when manifesting. It’s pretty simple, and after a few days, you’ll wake up and feel excited to begin your daily manifestation. It may seem super strange in the beginning, and you may feel awkward, but I promise you – it won’t last long.

Manifestation: Step by Step

Have Clear Goals

how to manifest with the law of attraction

The first step towards achieving your goals is to actually have goals. It’s crucial to be extremely clear about what you want. You must be spe-ci-fic – that’s the key. I’d suggest you grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down that thing you want. Make sure you use as many details as possible.

Bad example: I want to buy a house.

Good example: I want to buy a house with two floors and a big garden. My house will have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen, and a spacious living room. The walls will be in warm light colors, and the tiles in the bathrooms will be blue. I will also have a fireplace, a huge TV hung on the wall, a library…

Do you see the difference now? The second example is very specific in terms of details. This way, you help the Universe to know exactly what you want. Your dream can fill up the whole page, or even two. The more detailed – the better. It’s the same with, let’s say, a job. Be specific about the position you want to get, the salary you wish to earn, the relationship with your colleagues you want to develop, etc.

Do Something

It’d be a total lie if I tell you that once you write down your dream, it will come to you unexpectedly in a week or two. No, that’s not how manifestation works. You’ll have to work towards achieving your dream. Make sure you think carefully about what you can do to get closer to your goal. Contact the right people, go to the right places, read the right books, take part in the right courses. Making small steps every day will get you so much closer to the thing you wish to have. 

manifestation process set clear goals

Sitting on your butt and just waiting for a miracle to happen is not a good idea. Believing in your success and potential will undoubtedly make it easier for you to achieve anything you want. You remember what I said about the Law of Attraction, right? Positive thoughts attract positive things, and negative thoughts attract negative things. That’s the main thing you need to understand and remember. If you learn how to control your thoughts, you’ll be able to achieve anything.

Here’s a simple example. Let’s say that you wish to lose a few pounds and get fit. Not working out and eating junk food won’t help you out, no doubt about that. Looking at yourself in the mirror every day and despising yourself won’t help you out either. But if you do some kind of physical activity on a daily basis and start eating healthy and nutritious food, then you’ll surely see some results. If you wake up every day with a positive mindset, being excited to start your day, and believing in your own success, you’ll see even greater results. Because positive thoughts result in a positive life

Let Go Of Bad Thoughts

As I said, positivity is the key. Make sure you let go of any negative thoughts that may be stopping you from effectively working towards your goal. You need to really believe in yourself. Your whole being should be absolutely certain that you will do this. Some people say that acting as if their goal has already been achieved works even better for them. So you can try that, as well. If you master your thoughts and become your biggest supporter, you’ll be so much closer to achieving anything you want. 

the power of manifestation


All in all, the Law of Attraction is a belief that, in my opinion, anyone should stick to. After all, it can’t harm you in any way. On the contrary, it may turn out to be a game-changer and can make your life so much happier and pleasant. Thinking about your dreams and working towards them will make you satisfied, ambitious, and excited.

Nonetheless, manifestation won’t work at all, if you don’t make small steps towards getting what you want. Just thinking about it from time to time won’t be enough. You’ll have to dedicate a few minutes of your day to this dream of yours. And you’ll also need to do something about achieving it. The beginning may be hard, but believe me, after a week or so, you’ll fall in love with the process.

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