How to Achieve Your Goals: The Best Motivation Tips

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If you want to know how to achieve your goals, you need to set them first. You can’t really live a happy life if you don’t have at least one dream. There isn’t a certain rule of what your goal should be. It all depends on your interests, your lifestyle, and your job.

Having the right mindset will undoubtedly help you achieve anything you want in your life. Haven’t you noticed that when you think about something, whether good or bad, sooner or later something happens? Something closely related to these particular thoughts of yours. So what’s stopping you to focus your entire mind on your dreams?

You probably think that it’s impossible for you to fulfill your goals. Or maybe you’re sure that you lack the necessary motivation. Luckily for you, in the following lines, I’ll provide you with the absolute best motivation tips that have worked wonders for me.

How to Achieve Your Goals

Let me begin by saying that there’s no better feeling than achieving a dream of yours. Imagine this: you wake up every morning, and your first thought is about that one thing you desire the most. You make your coffee, and your mind is completely occupied with your goal. Then you go to bed, and the last thing you think of before falling into sleep is your dream. Now imagine that you finally manage to make this dream come true. The satisfaction and happiness you’ll derive will feel unreal.

how to achieve your dreams motivation tips

Fortunately, all of this is completely possible, and anyone can do it. No matter how uncertain and discouraged you feel, some genius motivation tips will surely help you get whatever you want in your life.

How to Achieve Your Goals: The Ultimate Motivation Tips


Consistency is the one thing that matters most in this life. If you want to know how to achieve your goals, first you need to learn to be consistent and not give up after the first failure. Because there certainly will be failures. Nonetheless, this is not something bad. On the contrary, mistakes make us better and stronger.

Being consistent with something will certainly boost your motivation. Look for methods, tricks, and tips that will help you focus entirely on your dream. If you feel unhappy when you work on your goal, then probably it’s not the right one for you.

Some of the following motivation tips are also closely related to consistency, so I advise you to keep reading.

Believe In Yourself

motivation tips for goal achievement believe in yourself

The best thing you can do is to believe in yourself and your capabilities. You can achieve your goals by shifting your mindset and acquiring some healthy lifestyle habits. Positive affirmations are one way to establish e healthier relationship with yourself.

Make sure you work towards your goal every single day. Sooner or later, you’ll notice how your life will start to change, and you’ll be a few steps closer to fulfilling your goals.

If you constantly doubt and disrespect yourself, it’s nearly impossible to achieve anything in your life. So quit that toxic mindset habit and welcome the good things waiting for you.

Write Down Your Goals

For me personally, this motivation tip works great, because when I start taking notes, I get into every tiny detail. I write about everything I want, why I want it, and also I write about different ways to get it.

I don’t know about you, but I always have a notebook in my bag. This way, I can write down everything that pops in my mind, wherever and whenever. This method helps me stay consistent, motivated, and organized.

write down your thoughts motivation tips

Set The Goals For You

This is probably one of the most crucial motivation tips in this list. You’ll never achieve your goal if you’re not happy working towards it. If you somehow manage to do it, you’ll not feel fully satisfied.

You’ll know you’re on the right path when the thoughts of your goal bring you excitement, happiness, and fill up your whole being with nothing but positive feelings. If you feel indifferent and bored… well, maybe you need to strive for another goal.

When working on your goal, you should feel good, not discouraged, and miserable.

Put Yourself First

Sorry to break it to you, but there will always be people who disapprove and neglect your dreams. But this shouldn’t bother you at all. Instead, you must put yourself and your feelings first. If you feel good working towards your goals, you shouldn’t stop for anything in this world.

When you put yourself first, you’ll be even more motivated. You’ll prove to everyone, but most importantly to yourself, that you’re capable of achieving anything you want.

how to achieve your goals by being productive

Share Your Goals With Your Loved Ones

Sharing is a great way to boost your motivation. When you talk about your goal, you focus all your attention on it, and your whole mind is occupied with thoughts about your deepest wishes.

When you share your thoughts with someone who truly loves you and cares about you, you’ll get only encouragement and positive vibes. This way, you’ll feel even more motivated to fulfill your goal.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Some of you will think that this shouldn’t be part of a motivation tips list. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most fundamental things you should do to be happy and motivated. Living a healthy lifestyle is not only good for your overall health, but it’s also great for your consistency and motivation.

live healthy lifestyle

Eating healthy, exercising, thinking positively, and meditating are all sure ways to boost your mood, and therefore, your motivation. Because we feel most motivated when we feel good. And we feel our best when we live a good life.

How to Achieve Your Goals: Conclusion

All things considered, these motivation tips should’ve given you an answer on how to achieve your goals. All of them are super simple, yet absolutely effective. I’m all about work smart rather than work hard. And these motivation tips are certainly one way to do so.

Working towards your dreams shouldn’t bring negative emotions into your life. On the contrary, whenever you think or talk about them, you should feel excited, content, and purposeful.

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  1. Great post. Consistency is the real key. I set a goal thats realistic, plan on how I am going to achieve it, use tools to analyse how well I am doing in achieving the goal and focus in on that goal.

    With blogging and getting clients I find that I need to be consistently sharing my message – which is mainly done during coffee breaks etc

  2. These are such great tips! Im always trying to find other ways of staying steadfast to my DREAM!! Thanks for sharing.Love your blog layout also!!

  3. I love all the advice you’ve given here lovely! One thing that I loved that you said is how you can’t have a happy life without having or striving for goals, that’s true! I got a few goals at the moment and I love having that aim in my life and it makes my life more fulfilled! x

    Lucy |

  4. These motivation goals are so spot on!! I love how you also place emphasis on having consistency and motivation. The two really goes hand in hand when trying to achieve anything in life.

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Great post!
    Writing down is the biggest motivation for me and it helps clearing my mind as well. All your advices are super valuable, thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. Hi Alexadra this was a lovely post you have written you really touched on strong points, especially the one about consistency. I battle with that a lot but I’m slowly getting better with the help of God. Prayer and listening to motivational talk shows help me to press rest in all my failures now, by the way thank you for sharing these lovely tips I enjoyed reading your post.

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