How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

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Sometimes nothing can distract us from thinking negatively. Today I’ll share with you a few practices that actually work and will help you get rid of negative thoughts anytime anywhere.

Why Do You Think Negatively So Often?

Scientifically speaking, excessive levels of the stress hormone called cortisol may cause this flow of negative emotions. If you’re too anxious all the time, your cortisol levels will be extremely high, which may lead to depression, weight gain, headaches, etc.

I’m sure that you often find yourself in situations when you’re overwhelmed with sadness, emptiness, and negative emotions, as a whole. The worst part is that there isn’t always a specific reason for this.

You sit there and worry about all the things happening in your life, or about those that may happen in the future. You even bother about events that have taken place a few years ago.

In such times you automatically play the worst-case scenarios in your mind, and the situation becomes unbearable. Coping with stress and anxiety may seem like a hopeless task, but I’ve have got you covered. In the text below, I’ll share with you what are the best ways to get rid of negative thoughts.

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Best Ways to Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts: Positive Mindset Practices

Call A Friend

Oftentimes bad thoughts trouble your mind when you’re alone. You focus entirely on the negative things, and it is really hard to think about anything else. However, calling your best friend and sharing your concerns with him may be your golden ticket to the land of positivity.

Not only will he/she listen about your problems, but your buddy will do anything to distract you from all that anxiety. If you go to a place you like and do something fun, good vibes will get the upper hand.

Do Something You Really Love

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Distraction is a great way to get rid of negative thoughts, especially when they’re groundless. One of the best ways to improve your mood is by doing something you enjoy. It is even better if you do this thing outside in the fresh air. It is a well-known fact that the environment affects your mood. A study shows that people who spend more time in nature feel more energetic and happy.

For example, if you love reading, grab a book and go to the park. If you enjoy writing, do it on your balcony or in the garden. If you are a workout lover, go to the gym. Just do that thing you like, and after a while, you will feel so much better. This is one of the easiest and most pleasurable positive mindset practices you can do.


Many people go into meditation when they feel overwhelmed by stress. This positive mindset practice is believed to be one of the most effective ways to let go of negativity and to achieve a healthy mindset.

People who meditate learn to remain calm in stressful situations. Not only this, but many individuals believe that this method is a natural antidepressant that relieves the symptoms of depression.

Haven’t you notice that people who meditate regularly are more positive and happy in general? If that doesn’t make you try it, I don’t know what will.

It is a fact that meditation requires practice. You should work on your breathing, your body, and the thoughts wandering in your mind. If you are a beginner, this guide is your best friend. It is written clearly and extensively so that newbies can really get the idea.

Avoid Negative People

If people around you always complain, point out the bad things in life, and think about the worst possible outcome, then I believe you’re dealing with toxic people.

As bad as it sounds, sometimes the reason for your gloomy and pessimistic mood is a person. You will know if this person has a negative influence on you if he/she makes you feel more down than up. Instead of trying to brighten you up, this person will focus on your problem and will make you feel even worse than you already do.

If you spend too much time with such people, you will acquire their mindset and will never be able to get rid of negative thoughts. If you’ve recognized a friend of yours in the lines above, I suggest you distance yourself for a while.

Practice Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are phrases or statements that will help you get rid of negative thoughts. All you have to do is to choose a phrase and repeat it to yourself as many times as you can. You can do this in the morning, before you go to sleep, or even throughout the day.

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The positive phrase should describe how you want to feel or what you want to achieve. If you practice affirmations daily, this will undoubtedly help you reach your Law of Attraction goals much faster.

Examples of positive affirmations are the following:

I am successful.

I am confident.

I am happy and healthy.

I can achieve anything I want.

Remember, these are just examples. Every individual has particular needs and goals in life. That is why you have to think about what you desire to achieve. Next, you want to write these wishes on a piece of paper and form affirmations based on them.

‘Thoughts become things’ is probably one of my favorite quotes ever. I firmly believe that we attract the things that we put our focus on. My absolute goal in life is to achieve a positive mindset because this is the most crucial step to live a good life.


Thinking negatively all the time is draining and may result in many and serious health problems. As we all know stress is the biggest killer. No matter what we eat, and what vitamins we take, if we’re stressed out, we aren’t healthy.

That’s why it is extremely important to get rid of negative thoughts that make your stress levels go up. If you acquire the habit of following these positive mindset practices every day, you are guaranteed to live a negativity-free life filled with joy and love.




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