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Super Easy Broccoli Soup Recipe

I remember when I used to go to university, and during my lunch break, I’d go to a super cozy restaurant where they offered nothing but soups, salads, and sandwiches. My favorite dish was broccoli soup with cheddar, and I could literally eat this on a daily basis. A few days ago, I decided to […]


Short Motivational Quotes | Words to Live By

In the following lines, you’ll find some of the best short motivational quotes I’ve come across. You’ll all agree that sometimes everything a person needs is comfort, just a few kind words, and a motivation booster. The lines you’re about to read will give you all these things in a matter of minutes. Short Motivational […]


High-Protein Dessert Recipe: Healthy Snack Idea

Summer and spring are my favorite seasons. However, during the summer I don’t have an appetite for super-filling meals that sometimes make me feel bloated, and I prefer having small refreshing snacks. The healthy high-protein dessert recipe I’m about to share with you is just perfect for those scorching summer days. I’ve recently come up […]