Best Netflix Series to Watch In 2021

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Best Netflix Series to Watch In 2021 Edition

Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes is a British series that was released in February 2021. It’s a perfect combination of mystery and thriller spiced up with a little bit of supernatural. The show follows the story of young Louise, who is a single mother. Her life takes a really weird turn when she meets a handsome man named David in a bar.

It all starts with one kiss. They both think that what happened at the bar will never happen again. Until the next day when it turns out that David is Louise’s new boss, who is happily married to the beautiful Adele. The mystery deepens when Louise eventually befriends Adele. Numerous events make her believe that David is not the man she thought he was.

best netflix series to watch in 2021


This show had such a surprising plot twist I was shocked for a few days after that. The elements of the supernatural fit perfectly into the whole storyline. The only thing I didn’t like was the slow progress of the whole series. It’s not that it was boring; not at all, actually. It’s just that you get the picture in the very last episode. Nevertheless, the waiting was absolutely worth it.

Rating: 8.0/10

Breaking Bad

Without a doubt, this is the absolute best TV series of all time. Breaking Bad is a drama that aired on TV in 2008. Even though more than ten years have passed, I still can’t think of a show better than this. The storyline, the plot twists, the characters, the actors’ performance – everything is completely brilliant.

The show follows the life of Walter White – a chemistry teacher who later uses his knowledge to do a job that’s way more dangerous. Beginning as a scared man that has fallen into the wrong business, he later becomes one of the most ruthless and honorable drug dealers. He and his partner, Jesse Pinkman, get involved in a series of life-threatening events,

Breaking Bad is absolutely outstanding, and I truly can’t believe that I first watched it two years ago. I literally devoured all episodes as fast as I can. And I couldn’t get enough. The show has five seasons, but I guarantee you that they’ll feel like five episodes. I’ve watched so many shows after this one and I still think it’s the best Netflix series you’ll come across.

Rating: 10/10

best netflix series 2021 edition


Elite is a Spanish thriller teen drama that will keep you on edge until the last minute of the season. And this applies to all seasons. The series was released in October 2018, and so far, it has three seasons available on Netflix. Even though it launched a few years ago, it’s still one of the best Netflix series to watch in 2021. If you like mystery, you’ll certainly enjoy it.

The plot revolves around the lives of several teenagers. Some of them have been blessed with the luxury of living the perfect life. Others, however, have not had this luck in life. The story begins when a boy from the low social class falls for a wealthy, gorgeous girl. But don’t be deceived; the story is not only about romance. Quite the opposite, actually. Once you finish the first episode, you’ll be thoroughly impatient to keep going.


Money Heist

Not this one has a special place in my heart. I am absolutely in love with this language that sounds so passionate. That’s why I was fascinated by the show immediately. It was released in 2017, but I watched it last year. How silly of me, right? The movie is truly a masterpiece, and I believe it would be of everyone’s liking.

best netflix series to watch in 2021 money heist

La Casa de Papel meets us with an absolute genius who calls himself The Professor. He plans to commit the most spectacular robbery that has ever taken place in Madrid. He, however, cannot do this all by himself. That’s why he finds seven individuals who got nothing to lose and are ready to assist him, as long as they get their considerable payment. 

The series keeps you interested from the first episode until its very end. The plot twists are countless and will make your jaw drop. Money Heist lacks nothing – we’ve got action, drama, and romance. If you didn’t have plans for the weekend… well, I suggest you book your days off for the Professor, Rio, Tokyo, and the rest of the gang.


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