Kitchen Interior Ideas + Kitchen Decor Ideas

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In today’s post, I’ll share some of my favorite kitchen interior ideas and kitchen décor ideas. This blog post is not typical for me, but recently I’ve been obsessed with interior design and I’m constantly looking for home décor inspiration.

Since the kitchen is the second place I spend most of my time during the day (and night, to be honest), I’ve decided to share with you some of my absolute favorite shots of kitchen design inspiration. This blog post will be more focused on images, rather than text.

Kitchen Interior Ideas

The first one in my image list of Kitchen Interior Ideas is this masterpiece. I love everything about this kitchen – the simple colors, the placement of the different kitchen appliances, and the fact that it has a huge bar in the middle of the room. Also, I’m absolutely in love with the tiles on the walls. Their shape is super cute and they fit perfectly to the overall kitchen design.

kitchen interior ideas

Number two is another lovely kitchen interior idea. Even though this one is smaller, it’s made in a very convenient way. I love the tiny kitchen decor ideas used here. The white bouquet, the large tree next to the wall, the wooden board with croissants on it, and the blue vases somehow give color and life to this space.

kitchen ideas

The next one on my visual list of Kitchen Interior Ideas is this beautiful kitchen that looks like a picture from a magazine. I love the contrast between the red oven and the wooden and white shelves. However, the most beautiful thing here is the huge window allowing you to look outside while cooking your favorite dish.

kitchen design

We continue with the next beautiful kitchen interior design. Everything about this one is so simple, yet absolutely beautiful. What grasped my attention to this photo is the fact that the designer has paid special attention to the little details. For example, the glass jars are put in perfect order.

kitchen inspiration

The last one from my kitchen interior ideas is this beautiful image. I can certainly say that this kitchen would be a dream come true for me. I love everything about it, but mostly I love the simple design. Besides, you can talk with your friends while cooking dinner.

ideas for kitchen design

Kitchen Decor Ideas

In this section, I’ll share some cute kitchen decor ideas that will freshen up the room and will make it more comfortable and prettier. I personally believe that what matters most in a room are the little things. Whether it’s a plant, a lamp, or a pile of books, they can all make a significant improvement.

This first picture is absolutely stunning. I’m in love with the cookbook holder and the olive oil bottle. Also, I think it’s important to add some green plants or other colorful flowers in your kitchen.

kitchen decor ideas

I’m sure that there will be some of you who’ll absolutely hate this kitchen decor idea. However, I think it’s really nice and original. The majority of people prefer to keep their trays, bowls, etc. hidden. I can surely say that I’m one of those people, as well. Nonetheless, in this picture, we see that, if done right, it’s absolutely okay for them to be visible.

kitchen decor ideas

I can undoubtedly say that this is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing kitchen decor ideas I’ve ever seen. I love the color combination between blue and gold, and I think that the green plant fits perfectly here.

blue kitchen decor

I’d like to say that I’m no way expert when it comes to interior design. In this post, I’m just sharing my findings on kitchen design ideas and kitchen decor ideas, and I really hope that you’ve enjoyed it. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to decorate my own place someday.

Here are a few bonus photos of kitchen design inspiration for you. Enjoy! And thank you for staying until the end of this blog post!

kitchen inspiration

kitchen inspiration

small kitchen ideas

interior design ideas

kitchen interior design ideas

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  1. This is a great post, we are looking at renovating our kitchen very soon so I have saved your post. I especially like number 1 as I like a lot of white.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. This ideas are so good!! I love when the design of a kitchen just welcomes you in! I really makes or break the home I think. The kitchen and the bathroom.

    Thanks nforntjese amazing ideas.

  3. Hi Alex these are beutiful interior design ideas I love design number two since it’s small with white and grey as my favourite colors together with plants somewhere in the room. It’s something I can work with since I’ll be moving to my new place next month thanks for the beautiful ideas.

  4. These are some gorgeous interior ideas for a kitchen! I personally have really similar taste to you and would love my dream kitchen to look like any of the images above. Thanks for sharing x

  5. I love all of these! I want to re-do my kitchen. It’s on the smaller side so I’m thinking shelving would be awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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