Best Foods For Your Hair: How to Speed Up Hair Growth

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How to Speed Up Hair Growth

We all wish for strong and healthy hair and we constantly think of how to speed up hair growth. Many girls use hair extensions or other methods to have long, thick hair. This is perfectly fine. I used to wear hair extensions myself.

However, I noticed that my hair got weaker, and I decided to let go of them. I started eating better food and making hair masks every week. I was happy to see that my hair started looking healthy, and it didn’t fall anymore.

Unfortunately, I’m not blessed with thick and long hair, but I’ve come to terms with my natural hair. Even though I don’t follow a strict diet, I try to eat food that is not only good for my body but for my hair and skin, as well. The foods I’m about to talk about have helped me speed up my hair growth in a completely natural way.

Best Vitamins And Minerals For Your Hair

how to speed up hair growth best foods for your hair pin for pinterestWe often buy expensive professional hair products and hair vitamins, praying that they will make our hair thick and long. Even though there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s much more important to pay attention to our diet.

One thing you should remember is that the food you consume affects your skin, hair, nails, and overall health. It may come as a surprise, but food affects your mood, as well. Good food means good mood.

If you want to be a real-life Rapunzel, you should try to eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Your hair needs plenty of healthy nutriavocaents. One of the most essential ones are the following:

Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin B5
Omega 3 Fatty Acids

If you eat foods rich in these vitamins and minerals your hair will grow stronger than ever. Not only this, but you’ll feel energized, happy, and healthy. If you want to know how to speed up hair growth, keep reading!

In the following lines, I will list some of the best foods for your hair that you can consume on a daily basis.

Best Foods For Your Hair


rich in healthy fats avocado


Avocado is a super-food that is not only delicious, but it’s also packed with plenty of healthy nutrients. It contains 20 vitamins and minerals. Some of them are vitamins A, E, C, and B, and magnesium. This super-nutritious plant is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, as well.

Many people falsely believe that avocado is very caloric food and should be avoided, due to the high amount of fat it contains. However, this is not quite right. The first thing you should remember is that there are two types of fat – healthy and unhealthy. Avocado has only good fats that are good for your body.

Besides, fats are essential for your skin and hair condition, and your overall health. Eating such foods won’t make you gain weight. On the contrary, it will improve your digestion and will promote a healthy heart.

Avocado will make your hair shiny and it is very likely to speed up your hair growth because of its healthy nutrients.

How to Eat Avocado:

  • Make an avocado toast with toasted rye bread, slices of avocado, and an egg. Sprinkle with some Himalayan salt, black pepper, and chili flakes.
  • Make a salad with tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, diced red onion, and feta cheese.
  • Make guacamole.

Greek Yogurt

greek yogurt


Greek yogurt is not only diet-friendly since it’s loaded with protein, but it’s also an amazing food for your hair. Proteins are built from more than 20 compound building blocks, known as amino acids.

Our bodies naturally produce the nonessential amino acids, and you don’t have to worry about getting them from food. The essential ones, however, can’t be produced naturally and should come from the food that you consume.

Considering protein is very important for hair growth, Greek yogurt automatically becomes one of the best foods for your hair. Also, this dairy product contains Vitamin B5. This vitamin may prevent your hair from thinning, and it improves blood flow.

How to Eat Greek Yogurt:

  • Make overnight oats with chia seeds, fine oats, Greek yogurt, flaxseed, and mashed banana. Stir everything together and put it in the fridge for the night. On the next day, transfer the mixture into a bowl, add some of your favorite fruits, and a teaspoon of peanut butter. Voila!. You have a delicious breakfast, packed with healthy nutrients that will keep you full for hours.
  • Make a smoothie with a banana, Greek yogurt, and strawberries.
  • Make a salad with diced cucumber, Greek yogurt, garlic, parsley, and salt. It’s super refreshing and low in calories.


No wonder vegans and vegetarians love beans. They are a delicious plant-based protein source. Along with the protein, beans contain iron, zinc, and biotin. Iron and zinc deficiency has been linked to hair loss, meaning that these two minerals are vital for strong and healthy hair.

Furthermore, beans are totally affordable, and you can choose between lentils, black beans, chickpeas, etc. They are super filling and will undoubtedly satisfy your hunger.

How to Eat Beans:


one of the best healthy foods carrots


Carrots are definitely one of my favorite healthy foods. When I was a kid, I used to hate the taste, but as I grew up, I got used to it. I love drinking freshly squeezed carrot juice because it has little calories, and it’s super refreshing. Besides, it gives me plenty of healthy nutrients.

The orange vegetable has a lot of fiber. Also, it contains Vitamin A and C, and beta-carotene. All of these are fundamental for hair and skin health. Not only are carrots one of the best foods for your hair but they also promote better vision, bone health, and a strong immune system.

How to Eat Carrots:

  • Make a salad with grated carrot, green apple, and beetroot. This salad is great if you’re trying to lose weight because it’s filling and low in calories.
  • Drink freshly squeezed carrot juice every day. You can add a green apple or an orange for more sweetness.

Leafy greens

Spinach, kale, broccoli, and salad greens are all vegetables packed with vital nutrients. They contain Vitamins A, C, E, and K. Also, they are packed with magnesium, iron, fiber, and calcium.

It’s not that hard to consume some of these vegetables daily. Not only are they diet-friendly, but there are many ways you can eat them. On top of that, they are an affordable source of healthy nutrients essential to your body.

how to speed up hair growth with leafy greens smoothies

How to Eat Leafy Greens:

  • Make a salad with spinach, strawberries, feta cheese, and walnuts. For the dressing, mix some honey, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil.
  • Make creamy broccoli and cheddar soup.
  • Blend a banana, a handful of spinach, some cottage cheese, and a splash of milk, and you’ll have a delicious protein shake.

Final Words

To have healthy hair, firstly, you need to be patient and consistent. Try to eat good food, and take care of your hair. Now that you know what are the best foods for your hair, it will be much easier for you to get those healthy nutrients.

There is a variety of hair masks suitable for different hair types. If you type in ‘How to Speed Up Hair Growth‘ you will see a myriad of search results. You just have to find the one that works for you.

Secondly, and most importantly, you should focus on self-love. If you constantly think of how much you hate your hair… well, it won’t get any better. Taking care of yourself is an inside job more than it’s an outside one. It’s the same with your skin and your body. Learn to love yourself. Everything will be easier afterward.

And thirdly– eat your greens! 

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  1. I’ve been having such a difficult time with my hair…I’m trying to eat well but these recipe ideas are really helpful. I’m currently eating a leafy green salad, so not doing too badly so far! I want to try the overnight oats…I’ve heard such great things about them. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi there, Kristyn! I feel you because I’ve struggled with hair loss for such a long time! I’m happy that I finally changed my lifestyle and mindset because this has helped me a great deal! Eating healthy and taking care of my hair using only natural products also helped me improve its condition. Yes, leafy green salads are great for your hair and overall health! <3 Also, overnight oats are now one of my favorite breakfast options, haha. Since there are so many and various recipes, you can eat something new every day.

  2. Girl, ever since quarantine started, I’ve been struggling with my hair! I have naturally thick hair and have always LOVED my hair, but recently it’s been falling off. I know it has to do with my diet because I’ve been indulging in lots of junk food during quarantine. I recently changed my shampoo and bought hair gummies, so I hope that helps. I’m going to bookmark this post so that I can add these foods to my diet. Do you have any other tips on what you did to get your hair healthy again? Like apart from changing your diet, is there something else you did?

    Much love always,

    • Thank you for your comment, sweetie! I know that hair loss can be extremely stressful but there’s always a way to cope with it. Apart from changing your eating habits, I would suggest you try some hair masks with oils such as argan oil or burdock oil. Burdock oil is great for hair growth! I’ve recently ordered Burdock oil and I can’t wait for it to arrive at my door! Doing hair masks once a week will definitely have a great impact on your hair condition. Adding an egg yolk or some aloe vera juice is also an option. Another tip I can give you is to always use shampoos with fewer ingredients and such that are made with natural ingredients. Remember that expensive doesn’t always mean good. 🙂 If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime! <3

  3. I want to grow my hair but I don’t like any of those foods! I need to really get myself into eating more things though. Thank you for this post!

    • Awww, that’s so unfortunate! 😀 I suggest you try a smoothie with a banana, avocado, greek yogurt, spinach, and some water! 🙂 Banana will have the strongest taste, so I guess it wouldn’t be that bad for you! 🙂

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